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Biology Workshop

Biology workshops for schools

This workshop covers cells, microorganisms, photosynthesis, and the human body. It is designed to enhance the knowledge of biology topics taught in school classrooms with five fun practicals. Our activities with the use of microscopes will allow students to view organisms with stunning detail at a magnification of 1000x.


2 x half-day or 3 x 1.5hrs,
max 60 students in a day,
contact us for bigger sessions.

Age Group

Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form,
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

Examine Plant Cells

Students will examine prepared onion epidermis plant cells under a microscope.

Microscope Plant-cells

Examine Bacteria Slides

Students will examine various bacteria cells under a microscope to better understand microorganisms.

Bacteria-slides Bacteria-under-microscope

Observe Photosynthesis

Conduct a practical to observe oxygen produced during photosynthesis with algae submerged in water.


Human Body

Put together wooden toys/puzzles of the human body. The models include organs, skeletons, and muscles. Different puzzles are available for primary and secondary school students.

Human-anatomy-organs-puzzle Human-anatomy-muscles-puzzle

Typical Workshop Day