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About Us

We are an organisation that provides exceptional science and engineering engagements to the educational sector. Our school workshops and assembly talks are delivered by a qualified engineer alongside professional street-dancers. We have an incredibly talented team of professionals to deliver our school and event engagements. Each member has something unique to offer.

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Engineer, Street-Dancer and Speaker

Founder and qualified engineer with experience at Rolls-Royce. Professionally trained dancer in Popping, Bboying (Break-Dancing and Zouk).

Sepehr Dastipour
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Dancer and Teaching Assistant

Professional street-dancer experienced in Popping and Bboying, with many years of working with children in dance and education.

Gabriel Infante
Dancer and Assistant

Professional street-dancer trained in Bboying (Break-Dancing). Has a degree in Business and years of experience working with children in dance.

Alex Ferreley
Dancer and Assistant

Professional street-dancer experienced in Hip-Hop. Has many years of experience working in primary schools with children.