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Space and Solar System Workshop

Explore our universe with real science

The workshop contains seven practicals and various hands-on experiments to learn about space and our planets. It covers many curriculum-based topics such as gravity, forces and motion.


Half day or full day,
typically covers up to 50
students in a day,
contact us for bigger sessions,

Age Group

Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form,
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

Explore All Our Planets with Our Inflatables


Measure Gravity Using the micro:bit


Conduct Space Experiments

Astronauts, rovers and space vehicles must constantly monitor their environments to function in space. Additionally, they conduct experiments on space bodies. We will use the micro:bit to carry out the following experiments in the classroom:

  • Measure the temperature of the room
  • Measure the light level in the room
  • Test for water in a soil sample


Create a Tornado in a Bottle

Simulate the red spot on Jupiter with this experiment.


Fire a Stomp Rocket

Launch a soft rocket 100-200ft into the air to learn about thrust (can fire it safely indoors).


Create a Glowing Star Constellation

Learn how stars are formed and create the Hercules star constellation.


Typical Workshop Day