Light Waves Workshop

Physics light workshop for schools

This light waves workshop contains eight or more practical activities covering all major topics in the national curriculum including reflection, refraction, diffraction, pinhole camera, focusing, light spectrum, colored lights, and the eye. The activities are tailored for each key stage group.


We can deliver sessions in parallel.
1 instructor can deliver the following in a full day:
Primary: 4 sessions x 1hr 15mins
(30 students per session)
Secondary: 5 sessions x 1hr
(20 students per session)
Contact us for larger events.

Age Group

Year 3 - Year 13
KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5


Learn how light waves reflect off mirrors with our light ray boxes.

Light-ray-box-kit Light-beam-reflected-off-a-mirror

Refraction, Diffraction, Convex Lenses

Conduct further experiments with our optical kits to learn about refraction with glass blocks. Learn how light is focused inside the eye with a convex lens. Additionally, create a rainbow of coloured light waves by splitting a narrow beam of white light.

Light-beam-refracted-thorugh-medium triple-light-beam-converged-by-convex-lens white-light-beam-split-by-prism

Pinhole Camera

Students will learn the basics of a pinhole camera and observe how images appear inverted when they are captured from light waves. Modern cameras still use this basic principle to capture images.

Pinhole-camera Pinhole-camera-diagram

Newton's Disc and Light Spectrum

Conduct the rotating disc physics experiment to demonstrate how white light is composed of colours of the rainbow.


Typical Workshop Day*

* The activities may vary depending on the length of the workshops and the age and ability of the students.